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Wiring harness information specifically for 1999 Pickup, 5.0/5.7L engine.  Should be similar to 1998 but MAY not be exact.  V6 will use different Injector numbering.  not sure on 7.4L what else is different.

Engine Controls Schematics

PCM/VCM Connector End Views

C100, C103, C107, C130, C200 Inline Harness Connector End View

Underhood Fuse Block Inline Harness Connector End View

The following are wires that need connecting, UHFB Means UnderHood Fuse Block.

  Power Connections        
Fuse Size Device Connector Location Wire Color Note
20 AMP PCM Batt 12v+ UHFB G12 Orange Hot at ALL TIMES, also use this fuse to provide power to Fuel Pump Relay.
20 AMP PCM, Injectors, Crank Sensor, Ign Module, Coil UHFB J8 Pink Ignition KEY Hot
10 AMP PCM C100 D8 Brown Ignition KEY Hot
20 AMP CAM Sensor (inside distributor), Oxygen Sensor Heaters, EGR Valve, EVAP Purge & Vent Solenoids, Mass Airflow Sensor UHFB L8 Pink Ignition KEY Hot
10 AMP Transmissions C100 A2 Pink Ignition KEY Hot
  OBD2 Port       Pin 16 Hot at ALL TIMES
  OBD2 Port       Pin 4 & 5 - Ground
  Misc Connections        
  Device Connector Location Wire Color Note
  Check Engine Light C200 N BRN/WHT PCM Grounds this pin to turn on check engine light.  Wire other side of light bulb to Key 12v+.
  Serial Data (Class 2) C100 B7 PPL Goes to OBD2 Diagnostic Port Pin 2
  Fuel Pump Relay Control UHFB B3 DK GRN/WHT PCM sends 12v+ to turn on Fuel Pump Relay
  Brake Switch Signal C200 E PPL This wire needs 12v+ when brakes are NOT applied, no power whe brakes ARE applied.
  Vehicle Speed Signal C100 B5 DK GRN 4000 pulse per mile square wave pulse, used by SOME aftermarket speedos, some such as Autometer hook directly to speed sensor in trans.