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If you have a 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, 6.2L out of a 2007-2009 Pickup or SUV, I can now reprogram this for your engine swap project.  This programming is for swapping STOCK engine/trans into an older vehicle and is meant for stand alone operation.  This ECM is known as an E38 ECM.  This is the ONLY ECM I am programming right now.  Please read all of this page as important info you need and I need to know.

"E38" is cast in between the long middle fins.    These may come in several SERV. NO's.  I'll try to make a list.

I need to know if the ECM/TCM you have is an exact match to the engine & transmission you have.  At this time I am only going to do programming for engines that remain STOCK.  If you've done just an intake swap I can do it, but if you are changing cams, heads, etc...I won't be able to do this for you.

It is always best to provide the following info, to aid me in identifying your engine type to ensure programming is correct.  There are a few things that I need to know.

Engine Information:   (VIN # of vehicle it is out of would be great if you have it)

- Engine Size and Year (4.8 5.3 6.0 or 6.2)  Is the block aluminum or iron?

- Fuel Injector part#.  This will be an 8 digit part# that is stamped on side of each injector.  (12594512 is an example for a flex fuel injector from a 5.3L engine. Injector will rotate in the rail to make it easier to read part#.) 

2. Transmission Type:  If the trans is the 6 speed automatic, you will have an ECM only (TCM is located INSIDE the transmission) If its a 4 speed automatic, you will have an ECM and TCM. (engine control module, transmission control module).  If you have a TCM, its best to send it in with the ECM when programming.


Contact Info and address for shipping

Brendan Patten

7227 Private Road 1830

West Plains MO 65775


Email is by far the best way to contact me, it gives me a record of conversations so I can better assist with you're needs.  I will gladly give a contact phone number where I can be contacted if requested.

$150.00 includes return shipping for E38 ECM programming (with OR without TCM).  Please include the return shipping address inside the box, as well as contact information.  Below is a ''Buy Now'' button you can use to send a PayPal payment to me, or you can include a money order with the PCM when you send it.  Expect 1-2 day turn around time.  I usually ship with US Postal Service, medium flat rat boxes, so if you require different delivery methods, please let me know.  Next Day shipping is available using US Postal Service for $35.00 additional.  

Thank You... -Brendan.

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Generation IV Engine Information

The Gen IV engines have come in a few different flavors.  There is Active Fuel Management (AFM).  This is where half of the valves in the engine are shut down, and the engine essentially runs on 4 cylinders.  The ECM controls this by activating a solenoid on the valley cover of the engine.  There is also (VVT), or variably valve timing.  This is an actuator that sits on the end of the camshaft and can change the angular relationship between the camshaft and crankshaft.  There is also flex fuel and non flex fuel versions of these engines. 

The engines are usually called by the RPO code, and can be identified by the 8th digit in the VIN#.  Here's an incomplete list as I know it. (This refers to TRUCK VIN #'s.  If VIN is from a CAR, the VIN letter could be different for the same engine.  See here for more info:

General Motors 2000 - 2009 VIN Information Cards

You can also do a Google search for Vortec engine to try and find out more info about the various engines.

Here is some information I have put together from GM Service Information website.

C LY2 4.8L NO NO IRON NO 2007-2008
M LH6 5.3L YES NO ALUM NO 2007-2009
0 LMG 5.3L YES NO IRON YES 2007-2009
3 LC9 5.3L YES NO ALUM YES 2007-2009
J LY5 5.3L YES NO IRON NO 2007-2009
K LY6 6.0L NO YES IRON NO 2007-2009
Y L76 6.0L YES YES ALUM NO 2007-2009
8 L92 6.2L NO YES ALUM NO 2007-2008
2 L9H 6.2L NO YES ALUM YES 2009
A L20 4.8L NO YES IRON YES 2010
3 LC9 5.3L YES YES ALUM YES 2010
K LY6 6.0L NO YES IRON NO 2010
G L96 6.0L NO YES IRON NO 2010 not sure if block material is right on this, why 2 iron 6.0's?? could be misprint.
2 L9H 6.2L NO YES ALUM YES 2010


Injector Part# Usage Years
12594512 Flex Fuel 5.3L 2007+
12580681 Non-Flex Fuel 5.3L 2007+

Here are some pictures of a 2008 5.3L LC9.  I have the connectors on the engine labeled along with how the harness lays on the engine.

VLOM=Valve Lifter Oil Manifold, this is for Active Fuel Management, or DOD as some call it.